I found a Forex system! Well, time for rewards, my friend

Do you recognize yourself here?

“Oh, I’ve spotted a pattern! Look here and here, it all matches and yields good profits. This could be my winner, my dear Holy Grail system!!!”
[Fireworks, celebrations, campaign – your mind is drunk…]

You take that dear system and, hopefully, don’t invest the real money right away. However, some smarties out there do!!! They start trading singing thier favorite songs and booking a trip to Caribbean…

Then, BANG! What happened??? You just closed a losing trade. WHACK! Another one… What’s that? How about a reward? ^^

Yeah, don’t cry, you’ve met Your majesty Forex trading Reality: your system isn’t that good as you thought it was. It is the same average system as other traders have – the system with ups and downs, the system that is proving that Forex for many investors is a zero sum (or even negative) game, a murky dirty river that you are trying to swim across…

Especially if you are relatively new to Forex trading, accept your first “really good system” to be just an average one, work harder on it. The best performance you can achieve with it, could be about beating the odds of 50×50 so that you make some money, no millions, but some modest money.

“Why only some money?” - you’d ask… And I’ll answer: “If everyone had a winning Forex system, my friend, we all would be millionaires by now!”

Hey, everyone out there is already a millionaire!!! Are you not? Hah… what a misfortune… the world of Forex millionaires is surrounding you, dress up, grab your money and join the fest of Forex money fall..!

Don’t be a Loser in general, then when you start trading Forex you won’t become a Forex Loser.

** Forex Dark Lord **

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  1. hello ,

    I am Sola…… does anyone have a good trading system which has been properly back tested and confirmed o.k … Please get back to me via email : [email protected]

    Thanks …. but all thesame , I love this site, the graphics is georgeous and the concept cool and lovely .

  2. The concept of “back testing” is mostly a mirage. It really doesn’t mean much. Only live forward testing means something. And even then there is no such thing as a fool proof “system”. Accept that first and then get going on your trading venture.

  3. Jon, smart words. I developed my own system because each trader trade on the time-frame that suits him/her. I tested my system with a practice account first, then with a real account (max $300.), and then I started using it as my own. I managed to get the best out of my system with a ratio that’s higher than 50:50. It works for me and I’m constantly upgrading it.

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  5. Be careful with promoting systems on this website.
    It may earn its place in http://forexdarkside.com/forex-system-sales-scam

  6. I don’t think any system would work all the time in forex, since a week I start to trade using multiple trading strategies, and its all going good. We need to find out from chart that what system or strategy we should apply now to trap todays or daily price action and get some profit.

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