Hello world, I’m your Dark Side!

Trading Forex is challenging not to mention financially risky. And while others are trying to be optimistic and look at trading from the positive side, I’m going to show you what critical mind thinks about Forex trading.

I’m going to challenge you with my questions, post my views and reviews so that some of you probably start thinking in a broader way about such an easy way to earn money - like Forex trading… Hey, everyone out there is already a millionaire!!! Are you not? Hah… what a misfortune… the world of Forex millionaires is surrounding you, dress up, grab your money and join the fest of Forex money fall!

I hope you spotted a joke, however, I wish all of you one day to manage a million dollar account. But now, let’s speak about reality – Reality of Forex trading.

** Forex Dark Lord **

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  1. How many percent of women are good in forex????

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