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Hundreds of “Forex gurus” capitalize on Forex newbies today. Don’t fall into their traps.

Forex market is booming: the popularity of Forex trading grows day after day. Where there is a demand – there are always crowds of scammers looking to make easy profits.

How easy is it today to fall into their traps? You’ll be amazed but only in few mouse clicks you may land onto a page that would look like this:

not trusted sites

They all are almost identical: often these are one-paged websites with no serious graphics or design, lots of text with highlighted expressions, testimonials (of course), and tons of promises and arguments that exactly this time and at this moment you have discovered a secret weapon to become a Forex millionaire… Hahaaa, what a joke… but many believe it… :(

People behind such websites usually provide you loads of arguments explaining why they have decided to sell their amazing product, that has been bringing them piles of money for so long; they would challenge your mind with different questions and facts over and over again (usually those one-paged websites have a lot of text with convincing messages, that you would scroll down and down till you are tired of reading it :) and you mind stop working properly), then finally, you get an offer to buy a product. They’ve got you!

What is this in reality?
Well, things are simple.
Often a guy has taken one trading approach or idea found free on the internet, added another idea also found somewhere and made a more or less working trading approach. Some guys with programming skills would wrap it up in a nice shell and here you go – a new Forex product ready to be sold to trustful and eager to profit in Forex newbies (should read “losers” in this case…)

Think why do they sell it? Yes, really, why selling a method that works so well that you can’t keep up with counting your millions..? Why would you even bother to get involved into sales?
If tomorrow you see such “one time offer” that promises to change your life, I hope, you’ll know how to react… Laugh at it and pass by.

While you think you’ve got the message by now and already know how to tell good guys from bad guys, consider this:
Forex “gurus” have become smarter nowadays. A few light touches and you can have a unique web design. Also same old “gurus” may not promise you millions anymore, instead they will employ a counter tactics this time warning traders that Forex trading is risky, and you should be really cautious about trusting other guys. Also they will now add the message that system they sell is not immune to losses, but if applied properly, will make you win most of the time. That’s better, right? But still, be aware that you are going to buy a product that is “so good” that it was put on sale…

Nothing more to add, besides that you may actually still buy a system (even if it was copied from free resources), who cares. If you don’t have time to do your own research and want to start trading immediately, that’s is your money, you can spend it the way you want.

Why those Forex gurus, despite all facts pointing against them, still survive and even make good sales?

The answer is simple - people want to make money quick and easy, and Forex seems like a good place to do just that. People turn to online resources, look for testimonials and read about successful traders, and finally land on a page with promises they can’t ignore…

The Hope to find a holy grail creates demand and ultimately a blind believe in the words of Forex gurus, who were able to discover “the secret”…

P.S. Don’t mistake those who sell Forex Courses for those selling systems. Selling a system is easy, for example, I know hundreds of them and can start selling tomorrow if I want to. Selling a trading course that would teach traders How to trade, What to look for, Why market is behaving this way etc, requires true knowledge and ability to be a mentor. I respect professional traders who sell good educational courses. Not all of them, again, bother to create a good book or a course, but those who do often truly enjoy sharing knowledge about successful Forex trading.

Truly yours,
Inspired by yet another spammy offer delivered to my mail box today,

** Forex Dark Lord **

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  1. You might want to read the latest on the founder of Learn Forex. Convicted of fraud, he couldn’t deliver the kind of profits he promised his students or investors. Trading two accounts for his investors, he made all of $1,000 over several years.

  2. Plase come on we were oparating FRAUDEX for almost a year and Half, I know all your advices, ok ok 1 year and a half Don´t said you are a Trader. The fisrt 6 months we lost money the next, again lost money, and finally we start making good trades, the money start coming with patient and all your divine advices my Master.
    And finally the withdrawals!!! The fisrt one great!!!, The second one Great!!! The third one… Ok Ok PHONE CALL… FOREX.COM may I help you. You know the process. I could tell you all the kind of stories, urban legends, myths everything they could invent, at this we are very dissapointed, no more withdrawls. This is a waste of time. FRAUDEX SUCKS

    Good bye my master!!!!

  3. FORGET FOREX E-BOOKS! Get the software that tells you what to do and WHEN to do it and finally start earning the big bucks you truly deserve. Many People earn thousands of dollars each month useing the “Forex-Killer” Software and even quit their own day jobs! Why don`t you too? I urge you to take this chance ASAP! Besides what do you have to loose? They have a full 58 days refund policy in place supervised by clickbank.

  4. Alright, promoting a software.. No problem.
    However, “quitting their own day jobs!” That is an overkill!
    Also urging to take that chance ASAP is also disturbing, my friend…
    Have you actually read the above topic before trying to promote your software under it? :)
    Any real traders who uses that Soft? Please comment.

  5. first and foremost i dont like the name forex dark side.may be something like “the dangers of forex reveal” would have been an appropriate name . i almost did not read your article because of the name given to it .i buy your idea as no such thing as killer software.e-boook really makes sence.the reason you give about killer software is also what i think it is.thanks for your comprehensive write up.

  6. Good morning ô Master…

    I do think that the idea of being the lord of that dark kingdom that is the Forex is a great one.

    Can you, ô Lord, sell me your system? The one with the $1 billion at the end of the month if I apply it well? :)

    No, kidding… I’m a newbie… And French… Which can both be considered as curses nowadays…

    I’m reading your blog and really find it interesting…
    Hope to learn more Master…

    See you…

  7. To : David G.
    That must be a joke right ? quit day job for 58 day money return software policy ? The only reason they quit their job after purchase is 1. Jail. 2. Bankrupt. 3. Died.

  8. There’s no perfect indicator, but there are some indis that make more

  9. Yep, I buckled and bought a robot this year modestly called ‘Vengence’.
    It offered a guarantee, so I thought ‘what the hell I’ll get it out of my system..Immediately after purchasing the robot a screen flashed up:
    “this is a ONE TIME OFFER. You will NOT SEE THIS SCREEN AGAIN. ENSURE this systems SUCCESS by investing in the ADVANCED PROGRAM. click ADD TO ORDER NOW!”
    The price was about 80% of the robot, and I bought. The guarantee stipulated you must wait 60 days before making a claim. ….now fast forward….
    I got a refund for the useless robot, which ate up my demo account with a vengence.
    And here comes the big BUT. No refund was offered for the ‘advanced system’ - it was not covered by the guarantee. (It was some simple moving average/MACD thingibob.)

    So what have we learned, class? 1: The joker did honour the guarantee but cleverly (fear of loss) got me to purchase some crap while I was vulnerable (Having just purchased, and ‘hoping’ it was going to work (even thought ‘I knew better’!) Did I want to ‘ensure my success? Sure! And I didn’t notice the guarantee was missing from this page. I Assumed it was!
    In the end I got to keep the crap, he got to keep my money.

    2: Wait 60 days before claiming refund. Many people would have abandoned it in disgust and moved on/and or lost the original reciept in that time.
    3. The screamer website that sold it, all polished and slick, with many examples of winning trades, testamonials…(you know the rountine) was misleading bullshit - 100% . How do I know? I bought the thing and tested it across various crosses and timeframes for 6 weeks. It won for the first week, then lost,lost, lost, lost, lost.
    4: Spending time with this junk is a waste of TIME and MENTAL ENERGY. It’s also DISPIRITING to have to have it running on my computer for so long.
    5: Dark Lord is correct - avoid! I will from now on.
    6: If you want to play the fool - remember the avoid the ‘advanced system’ scam.

  10. Thank you, Genghis. I highly appreciate your input.
    Great lesson here for everyone once again.

  11. I’m a newbie in this risky business and though i really want to join, it’s creepy to think how much money one could lose. Anyone find out if Forex.com really works and pays? In my part of the world, to lose even a single dollar means you could go a night without food so please advice me before i get myself some ulcers.


  12. I have NEVER trusted a single course that is on sale, i learnt Candlesticks and Chart Patterns, Price Action and Indicators all from E Books and The Internet. Enough materials to wrtie 5 books! And guess what…..yup…..still losing money!!

    So now my mentality has changed; i take to forex trading as a no-time (not even part time) event. I trade Demo mostly. I believe that even though you may be very ‘educated’ in the market, you will be proven silly and stupid by the market. Your Doji’s and Double Tops and Trend Lines do not work, they are only great for illustrations and seminars.

    So, my friend, hope you find something real to do and earn your living by. I know millions who read this (if at all) will hate me, but i speak the truth. God Bless us all!!

  13. when I was a boy my father advised me concerning a book how to win on the horse-track with a foolproof system his advice was as follows I f the author could really do these predictions he would not have time to write books for the masses instead he would be making money 50 years on the same logic applies.
    In respect of candlestick patterns they are subjective and a morning star can vary in shape and from from the textbook. have proved this by using a free pattern recognition indicator which shows some patterns not easily recognizable This man is giving some very sound advice

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