Truth about Forex brokers

To trade in Forex we have to find a Forex broker. Think every Forex broker is honest, good and is going to help you earn money? Think again.

Forex brokers are in this industry not because they want to help You to become rich, they are here to be rich Themselves. Never forget about it. It is the true face of the retail Forex industry.

I’m going to help you be an educated player in what is a truly broker’s game, and see the pitfalls hopefully before you fall into them and get your pockets full of… no, not money, in that case, but full of dirt.

Shall we start?

Forex brokers truth (Part 1). Introduction. Forex brokers’ tricks: Innocent ways to outsmart a client.
May be there are more things about your Forex broker you may want to know.

Forex brokers truth (Part 2). Trading platform time zones.
They all have different time zones…

Forex brokers truth (Part 3). Forex Spreads.
So much creativity form Forex brokers and so little attention from Forex traders. Spreads aren’t that insignificant. Small or not, they are keys to success or failure…

Forex brokers truth (Part 4). Interest rates and negative rollovers.
How to make traders trade more frequently? One way is by re-defining the rollover rules - make it negative for all pairs and it will hurt to hold long term trades… Clever, huh?

Forex brokers truth (Part 5). More on rollover…
Forex trading is way more costly than you think. Live a trade open for few days and then come back with a calculator..

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