Forex ultimate trading course: students needed!

If anyone tells you they are losing in Forex, please refer them to me and my Dark Forex Kingdom, there is a 92% chance they will find the answers here.

Does your trading approach have a future? Are you your own enemy or a friend?
Silly questions, right? Of course, all traders are their own friends and want the best future for their precious Forex accounts…

Let me introduce an ultimate Forex “brain surgery” course taught by Forex Lord of Darkness (that’s me, pleasure to be introduced :) that will help you, my Forex friend, to look at many things about trading from outside your small box and shake that conventional approach and beliefs that you and other traders like you have about successful Forex trading.

Most Forex traders are locked into certain patterns and changing the way they think is not an easy task.

If you do not like how this introduction sounds, may be you should not attend my Forex course.
But if you are ready to challenge your mind, welcome to my dark Forex classroom!

Today’s home task will be simple: think about the words I told you: unlock your mind to the extent that will allow to digest my lessons. You are allowed to be skeptical, but don’t try to hide from me behind the walls… I’m the dark power, and I can see you anyway! :)

** Forex Dark Lord **

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  1. Hi,
    To be real, the introduction to your work is welcomine and am willing to read through your works, but use see your name almost scared me off your page.
    Is it possible for you to change your name to a more psyc and ear friendly one so that I and others who trade in forex but have a christian mind can take pleasure in visiting your site?
    Thanks for the good work, but not the bad NAME!

  2. Hmm..
    Never thought of it, but may be you are right. How about “Forex Dark Lord”? If you happen to pass by, please let me know how this change feels… (as if you never knew the old one before, just to be realistic)
    Thank you.

  3. I like Forex Dark Lord. If people are scared away, good! They are not worthy of the content. If your mind is so closed that a name scares you away… you probably shouldn’t trade forex, let alone be graced with this knowledge. Less competition too, right? :-p

  4. I thought the same too when I found this site through google (i love you google) but after reading 1 paragraph of this guy’s work. I said “his name is brilliant!” b/c it’s brandable and easy to remember. And IPJ Christians went to see star wars didnt they! lol

    Dark Lord, you are the best

  5. :) Thank you, guys!

  6. This site is brilliant. It reminds me of “Reminiscence of a stock operator” re: audio book,
    Showing the transformation of ones thinking when one decides to enter the trading arena.
    keep it up!

  7. I am a nigerian…and have been to a milloin forex sites…but this site has a real sting to it…thanks dark lord…keep up the good work…

  8. Hey dark lord I know you said all most all if not all systems are garbage,but have you heard of Tsubot trading system.If so what do you think of it please let me know I seriously wont something that’s is legit. [email protected]

  9. Need to learn how to make a paper trade to see how I do.

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